My promises

I promise not to call you all to get ahold of you when I haven’t heard from you in awhile.
I’m promise not to lie to you.
I promise not to use anything against you or to use something you said to be mean to you.
I promise to not make stuff and be my true self.
I promise not get your sister involved into our problems and tell her stuff.
I promise not to call your sister or text unless told to or emergency.
I promise to not call you names.
I promise not to say your crazy.

With all these promises that watch to make sure I don’t break them I made a habit of mine with each one to ingrain them into my being. At the end of the day each day I’ll still choose you and never think twice about it. I want to hear your singing to cheesy songs we both love while we’re driving in the middle of the night no where. Do things together and not feel embarrassed about them because I’m with you. I’ll comfort you when you feel scared or lost. Life isnt worth living with out you. Well get through the fight stronger people. Just hold in there. Your the strongest girl ive ever met. Remember one thing for each star in the night sky is something amazing about you. This universe is ever expanding and there is an infinite number of stars. That’s infinite amount of wonderful things you are. No girl is better than you. Good night and sweet dreams angel you deserve everything plus more. I can’t give you the world but I can give you the second best thing and thats my world.